League Title

League Title


Our Achievements In Less Than 55 Years of Playing Rugby .

Isipathana’s achievements are so great in local schools rugby, it is impossible to believe that they started playing just 55 years ago. And take note, they have accomplished all these without a ground of their own and with far less facilities than the so called big-names who have traditions in the game running for over a century. Proud Isipathanians know that they have a fuller trophy cupboard in 55 years than pretenders have in 100 years. Below are the details of How many times Pathana won the  “ Leauge Title  ”

NOTE – We have gathered all these details though Social Media and by getting information from Old Boys. If there is any mistake or new additions to be added please do not hesitate to contact us.  Isipathana College Information Centre is not officially affiliated with Isipathana College. ICOIC editorial board is responsible for all the news & articles published on this site. The school has no responsibility for any of the content published on this website.

This is dedicated to all the Past, Present & Future Ruggerites of Isipathana College.




1968 – Unbeaten (At this time no league tournament)

Jurangan Savanghan

1969 – Unbeaten (At this time no league tournament)

Thajone Savanghan (Late)

1970 – Unbeaten (At this time no league tournament)

Hafi Abdeen

1971 – Unbeaten (At this time no league tournament)

Sriyantha Rajakaruna         

1982 – Unbeaten (Did not win the league)

Dilroy Fernando

1984 – Unbeaten

Shabeen Siddik (Champions)

1985 – Lost 01 match in league

Chandana Deepthi (Champions)

1986 – Lost 01 match in League

Selvin Sallay (Champions)

1992 – Unbeaten

Champika Nishantha (Champions)

1993 – Lost 01 match in league

Chamila Samantha (Champions)

1995 – Lost 01 match in league

Ali Wahid (Champions)

1996 – Unbeaten

Bandula Mallikarachchi (Champions)

1997 – Unbeaten

Vajira Hewage (Champions)

1999 – Unbeaten

Krishan Chandran (Champions)

2002 – Unbeaten (Did not win the league)

Anuranga Walpola

2012 – Lost 01 match in league

Kumendra Dharmadasa (Champions)

2014 – Unbeaten

Senal Deelaka (Champions)




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