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For the first time in Sri Lankan schools history, Isipathana College online information center opens a new page in our website to publish news from other schools. We hope to work together as a team and and we beleive it will help to build up the companionship and togetherness among our brothers and sisters all around the island. As an innovative and highly visited school website ICOICs' mission of this project is to publish special events of our brother / Sister schools and highlight their own skills to all visitors of the website.

Sirasa Tv '' The Debater ''

 media1The Debate team of Isipathana College was participated to the ''' The Debater ''' All Island Debating Competition organized by the Sirasa Tv. 

Mother of Isipathana wants your valuable SMS voting for her children to qualify for the second round.

So please type TD <space> I and then send it to 7788.  SMS vote valid till 16th ( Tuesday )  November 2010.


Report By -  Mr . Waruna Kannangara


Best Wishes From -   Online Information Centre Crew


Ramesh Rushnatha Silva

 (  Spain  ) 



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Very nice article. I absolutely appreciate this website.
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It's really good. Ilike it.
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